07105 pediatric podiatrist

07105 Pediatric Podiatrist

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Pediatric foot care in 07105

07105 pediatric podiatrist
07105 pediatric podiatrist

No matter child or adult, feet take a lot of punishment and stress, and that’s a big reason why so many take advantage of our services here at Foot and Ankle Specialists of NJ, LLC. But when it comes to kids, their feet are growing, and it’s those spurts that present specific challenges. In addition, children do a lot of running and jumping and taking chances that are just part of having that youthful energy and curiosity. Our 07105 pediatric podiatrist is expert at keeping his or her feet healthy, strong, and free of pain.

Among the typical foot ailments and conditions that children suffer with are ingrown toenails, heel pain, and plantar warts. Our 07105 pediatric podiatrist will do a thorough examination and where applicable take x-rays. It is only with a conclusive diagnosis that the applicable treatment method can be properly identified and implemented. Ingrown toenails are easy to diagnosis from a simple visual inspection. Children frequently are wearing shoes that are too tight because the pair that were comfortable at first have now become unsuitable due to growth. As a result, the nail grows into instead of over the skin, leading to pain and possible infections. Our 07105 pediatric podiatrist is dedicated to gentle care and will do all that is possible to make the experience of trimming the nails a pleasant and comfortable one. Those same growth spurts put undue pressure on the heel bone. Fortunately, orthotics (shoe inserts) will usually provide the needed results. Plantar warts are skin lesions that appear on the sole of the foot due to a viral infection. Timely attention to them will reduce or eliminate any threat that they pose.

For the above, and any other foot problem that your child suffers with, reach out to set up an appointment at our office for proper treatment.

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