Foot surgery in 07105

Foot Surgery in 07105

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With over 3 decades of experience, Dr. James Totten, DPM is your trusted podiatrist at the Foot and Ankle Specialists of NJ, LLC. He is a triple board certified podiatric surgeon who has gained the well-deserved respect and admiration of his valued patients and peers. If you are looking for a talented, compassionate, and extremely talented podiatrist to perform your foot surgery in 07105, Dr. Totten will treat you with the most advanced technology and procedures currently available. As your family’s trusted podiatrist, Dr. Totten offers a comprehensive range of treatment options to address a wide spectrum of foot and ankle disorders. Welcoming patients of all ages for care, Dr. Totten and his experienced office team provide skilled and effective treatment to alleviate the symptoms of painful foot conditions and injuries as well as address the many problems associated with improper foot mechanics and consequences of systemic medical conditions like diabetes and arthritis on foot health.

One of his many procedures includes sinus tarsi implant surgery. This foot surgery in 07105 is a minimally invasive procedure designed to address excessive pronation of the subtalar joint, which is the joint between the ankle bone and the heel bone. Pronation is a natural motion of your foot during walking and running. Your gait can show a pattern of neutral pronation, overpronation, or supination (underpronation). The stresses of overpronating or supinating have been linked to a greater risk of injuries. In overpronation, the ankle rolls too far downward and inward with each step. It continues to roll when the toes should be starting to push off. As a result, the big toe and second toe do all of the push off and the foot twists more with each step. By placing a small implant in the sinus tarsi (the canal between the two bones), excessive joint mobility and overpronation of the foot can be prevented, while a somewhat normal range of motion can be maintained. The implant realigns not only the bones of the foot but can also help to restore the alignment to the rest of the body. A sinus tarsi implant surgery may be performed on children and adults for congenital or adult onset flatfoot disorders.

This particular foot surgery in 07105 offers significant benefits over other surgical approaches to care. In addition to being a minimally invasive and reversible procedure, the surgery does not require post-op casting and the recovery time as well as return to athletic activity is quicker. As opposed to long-term orthotic treatment, there is almost instantaneous gait improvement along with a decrease in pain and tiring of the feet and legs. This translates to improved posture overall. For more information about this type of surgery, or to learn more about Dr. Totten’s services, give us a call today.

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