Newark Bunion Surgery

Newark Bunion Surgery

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With over 30 years of experience, Dr. James Totten, DPM is your trusted podiatrist at the Foot and Ankle Specialists of NJ, LLC. He is a triple board certified podiatric surgeon who has gained the well-deserved respect and admiration of his valued patients and peers. If you are looking for a talented, compassionate, and extremely talented podiatrist to provide Newark bunion surgery, Dr. Totten will treat you with the most advanced technology and procedures currently available. As your family’s trusted podiatrist, Dr. Totten offers a comprehensive range of treatment options to address a wide spectrum of foot and ankle disorders. Welcoming patients of all ages for care, Dr. Totten and his experienced office team provide skilled and effective treatment to alleviate the symptoms of painful foot conditions and injuries as well as address the many problems associated with improper foot mechanics and consequences of systemic medical conditions like diabetes and arthritis on foot health.

A bunion is a bony bump that develops on the inside of the foot at the big toe joint. Not only are they unsightly, but they hurt. Bunions are also referred to as hallux valgus. Bunions develop slowly. Pressure on the big toe joint causes the big toe to lean toward the second toe. Over time, the normal structure of the bone changes, resulting in the bunion bump. This deformity will gradually increase and may make it painful to wear shoes or walk. Anyone can get a bunion, but they are more common in women due to the types of shoes they wear. In most cases, bunion pain is relieved by wearing wider shoes with adequate toe room and using other simple treatments to reduce pressure on the big toe. In some cases, an enlarged MTP (metatarsophalangeal) joint may lead to bursitis, a painful condition in which the fluid-filled sac (bursa) that cushions the bone near the joint becomes inflamed. It may also lead to chronic pain and arthritis if the smooth articular cartilage that covers the joint becomes damaged from the joint not gliding smoothly. It is important to get treatment before the symptoms progress. However, if the change in footwear doesn’t improve the symptoms, Newark bunion surgery may be your best option.

A bunionectomy is a surgical procedure to remove your bunion. We will consider this procedure when conservative means of addressing the problem, including properly fitting, wide-toed shoes, a padded cushion against the joint, orthotics, and anti-inflammatory medication. Another option for bunion treatment is the bunionette deformity correction. In this procedure a bunionette deformity is corrected by removing excess bone and realigning the bone of the fifth toe. Foot pain can severely affect your quality of life. Call Foot and Ankle Specialists of NJ today to discuss your Newark bunion surgery.

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